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Raccord de Tuyau à Air

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Raccord de Tuyau à Air

Un “raccord de tuyau à air” est une pièce mécanique utilisée pour relier ou attacher des tuyaux d’air comprimé entre eux ou à d’autres équipements.

Raccord de Tuyau à Air

European compressor claw couplings are manufactured from iron and then zinc passivated for protection. These units have a universal lock head and are available with BSP female threads, BSPT male threads or a hose tail. They are supplied with a black rubber gasket and are used throughout the UK and Europe.
American compressor claw couplings are made from iron and then zinc passivated for protection. They look similar to the European type but have a different distance between the locking lugs. They also incorporate holes in the unit housing so 2 fittings can be locked together with a safety clip to prevent accidental disconnection. These fittings are widely used offshore and are sometimes referred to as ‘crows foot’ or ‘Chicago’ couplings.

Raccord de Tuyau à Air

Raccord Tuyau Air Comprimé Application

Les systèmes d’air comprimé sont couramment utilisés dans diverses industries pour alimenter des outils pneumatiques, des machines, des compresseurs et d’autres équipements nécessitant de l’air sous pression.

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